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satan in heels

this kitten has claws

21 September 1978
*Insert something witty and self-absorbed here*
Mommy. Wife. Student.
Chances are, you don't like me very much. Anyhow, I keep this 99.99999% 'friends only', so comment on the public entry, and I'll most likely add you back. I'm currently using this profile mainly for community posting.
Add me on MySpace if you want to keep up with my oh-so exciting life. Yeah, that was sarcasm.
So, yeah....

abandoned buildings, abandoned houses, abandoned places, alice cullen, alkaline trio, aus rotten, australian cattle dogs, b horror movies, bella swan, bettie page, bikini kill, billie holiday, bitching, black eyeliner, black flag, body modification, brain eating zombies, brain-eating zombies, breaking dawn, bruce campbell, bully breeds, cats, chuck palahniuk, clothing design, comic books, corsets, criminal pathology, designing clothes, discharge, disrupt, dropkick murphys, dystopia, eclipse, ed wood, ed wood movies, edward cullen, elvgren, elvis costello, eric kroll, erotica, fashion design, fetish, fishnets, forensics, gauze, george romero, george romero movies, ghoul, gism, hair, handbag design, hank iii, hank williams sr., hearses, heels, henry rollins, horror movies, hot water music, inepsy, inked, jacob black, jawbreaker, jets to brazil, jimmy eat world, joan jett, joel peter witkin, john hughes movies, johnny cash, kevin smith movies, legs, lenore, linnea quigley, lip gloss, lipstick, mae west, maila nurmi, make-up, makeup, making clothes, making handbags, making my own clothes, making out, midnight sun, misfits, more brains, motley crue, motorhead, my daughter, nausea, neil gaiman, new moon, new york dolls, old school misfits, one nation under god, otis redding, patsy cline, pierced, piercings, pin-ups, pinups, pit bull mixes, pit bulls, platforms, poison, psychobilly, punk, return-of-the-living-dead, rev. horton heat, rotld, sam raimi, samiam, sewing, sex, shoes, shopping, stars, stephenie meyer, stockings, tattooed, tattoos, the alley cat, the cramps, the cure, the damned, the family guy, the misfits, the new york dolls, the pixies, the runaways, the smiths, tim burton, tim burton movies, tom savini, torg, tuesday, turbonegro, twilight, two ton boa, vampira, vargas, vodka, west memphis three, whiskey, wit, wm3, wolfbrigade, wolfpack, writing, zombie movies, zombies